Everything about Smith Wesson Model 632

Smith Wesson Model 632

About Smith Wesson Model 632

The S&W Model 632 2'' revolver belongs to the J-frame family of S&W Revolvers.


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About Smith Wesson Model 632

The S&W Model 632 2'' revolver belongs to the J-frame family. The gun’s design makes it a good concealed carry option. It has a snub-nosed design, low recoil and a medium ranked power factor meaning that the Model 632 2'' packs a punch and doesn’t influence the steadiness of your aim - the whole idea behind the famous J-Frame line.


Smith Wesson Model 632 facts

Smith Wesson summary

Capacity: 6
Barrel Length: 2.125" / 5.4 cm
Overall Length: 6.6"
Front Sight: Dovetail Tritium Night Sight
Rear Sight: Dovetail Tritium Night Sight
Action: Double Action Only


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